kids enjoying ice cream and gelato


Welcome to Red Bicycle!  Red Bicycle Ice Cream is an independent ice cream & vegan gelato producer.  We offer local, farm-fresh and hand-crafted ice cream and vegan gelato.  We seek local ingredients and have bought produce from Sola Gratia, Autumnberry Inspired and farmers at the Urbana Farmers Market.  We also use high-quality ingredients from distant sources because some ingredients are not available locally.  For example, we use vanilla beans grown in Madagascar and Papau New Guinea. 


Our shop in SE Urbana was open during the summers of 2017, 2018 & 2019. At the shop, our mission was to provide our guests with a moment of JOY through our hospitality and our ice cream, vegan gelato, waffle cones and other products.  In 2020, our shop is closed. We only sell our products via retail outlets and via mail order.  See the Retail Outlets page for a list of our retailers and info on recent deliveries to them. Go to our Shop page to see what flavors are available via delivery.

Why Red Bicycle Ice Cream?  Our logo includes a red bicycle.  As a young boy, our owner bought and rode a red Columbia stingray bicycle.  This bike brought him countless hours of joy-- riding with friends and exploring their world.  We hope our ice cream and vegan gelato bring you a moment of joy too!

Picture of former sop at 2740 Philo Rd, Suite D, Urbana, IL